The Thrifty Kit — A Great Starter Kit at a Great Price

Want to give wet shaving a try without a huge commitment? Or are you getting into the hobby primarily for cost savings? Either way, we've put together a limited number of starter kits with low cost and incredible value in mind. The Thrifty Kit includes a double edge razor, an Omega boar brush, a stick of shave soap, a pack of five blades, and Shave HQ's guide to learning to shave the old fashioned way, Wet Shaving is Easy.  

The razor will be a Dorco PL-602. Though it is inexpensive and made of plastic, the PL-602 has earned a reputation as a really great shaving razor

The brush is an Omega 40033, a great little boar brush that, like the razor, has a reputation as providing great quality at a very low price.

The shaving soap is a Palmolive Shave Stick, well known for its ease of lathering and quality lather.

The brand of blades will vary. In addition to a five-pack a blades, the razor includes two Dorco blades as well. 

Buying all these products individually would run you around $25; we sell the Thrifty Kit for just $18, including First Class shipping to U.S. addresses. 

Note: A few of the PL-602's we have in stock are branded as "Magic Collection Double Edge Blade Razor" rather than Dorco. It is the exact same product rebranded in different packaging.

The Shave HQ Thrifty Kit: $18 including First Class US shipping

Kits are not currently available.