Vintage Value Starter Kit

Built around a vintage Gillette Tech or Gillette Superspeed, the Vintage Value Starter Kit is a great way to get into wet shaving. We sell the kit for $32 including free shipping. 

Two of the most popular razors ever made, Techs and Superspeeds are easy to use and, though decades old, will last decades more. In addition to a great vintage razor, you'll receive:
  • A synthetic fiber shaving brush or a traditional boar bristle shaving brush
  • A Palmolive shave soap stick
  • A Lucky 13 Blade Sample Pack including five Astra blades, two Feather blades, and two each of three other quality blade brands.
  • A copy of my guide to learning to wet shave, a booklet called Wet Shaving is Easy.

About the razors:  A Gillette Tech is a three-piece razor. You unscrew the handle, place the blade between the two parts of the head, and screw the handle back on. A Superspeed is a one-piece razor. Twist the knob at the bottom of the handle and a pair of "barn doors" open at the top of the razor, allowing you to load a blade. Then you twist the knob again to close the doors. Both are great razors and easy to shave with. In some cases, you may receive a Gillette Slim Twist or Knack. These are essentially later Superspeeds with a longer, plastic handle.

You will receive one of these razors chosen at random from those I have at hand. It will be clean and shiny, and it will function perfectly, but it will likely show its age. Some of these razors do look almost new; others have scratches or other flaws that do not impact the shave. Some are nickel plated; others are gold plated. Many have lost a little or a lot of that plating, exposing the brass underneath. Most Techs have a metal handle that matches the head, but for a few, the original handle is plastic. And in a some cases, an orphaned Tech head will be paired with the handle from another razor.

About the brush: The Shave HQ Black-and-White Synthetic Brush is a great brush to start with and a great brush to use for years. If you'd prefer a boar brush, mention it with your payment and I'll swap in a white Omega 10049.

About the shaving soap: Palmolive's shave stick is easy to lather and performs very well. It has a light, pleasant, soapy scent.

Squicked out about using an old razor that was used by someone else? No worries! Every razor I sell is thoroughly cleaned and treated with a disinfectant. 

Shave HQ's Vintage Value Starter Kit: $32 including First Class U.S. shipping

Kits are not currently available.