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A La Carte Starter Kit
A La Carte Starter Kit

A La Carte Starter Kit

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Want a kit but not with a Tech or Superspeed? Or want to choose your own Tech or Superspeed? Pick any other razor and brush for sale at ShaveHQ and get all this for six or seven dollars:

  • A Palmolive shave soap stick or an Arko shave soap stick
  • A Lucky 13 Blade Sampler including five Astra blades, two Feather blades, and two each of three other quality blade brands. (Other brands will vary.) (If you choose a Gem-style SE razor or an injector razor, you'll receive a few appropriate blades for it instead of the DE sampler.) 
  • A copy of my guide to learning to wet shave, a booklet called Wet Shaving is Easy.

Squicked out about using an old razor that was used by someone else? No worries! Every razor I sell is thoroughly cleaned, and is treated with Barbicide, a hospital-grade disinfectant. Barbicide is an industry standard product that barbers use on their scissors, combs, razors and other tools between customers.

Note: This kit is available only with the purchase of a razor and brush. If you submit an order for this kit without also ordering a razor and brush, the order will be cancelled.