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The Thrifty Kit - a Starter Kit For Less Than $10!
The Thrifty Kit - a Starter Kit For Less Than $10!

The Thrifty Kit - a Starter Kit For Less Than $10!

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Want to give wet shaving a try without a huge commitment? Or are you getting into the hobby primarily for cost savings? Either way, we've put together a limited number of starter kits with low cost and incredible value in mind. The Thrifty Kit comes in under ten dollars, and you get a double edge razor, an Omega boar brush, a stick of shave soap, a pack of five blades, and Shave HQ's guide to learning to shave the old fashioned way, Wet Shaving is Easy.  But that's not all. Each Thrifty Kit comes with a coupon code for 10% off your next order. That way, if you'd like to upgrade to a restored vintage razor and/or a nicer brush, you can save some money on that, too.

The razor will be either a Treet Platinum or a Lord Safety Razor. Neither's build quality is going to impress you much, but either will give you a nice mild shave. 

The brush is an Omega 10075, a great little boar brush with a retro handle design. If you have a color preference (red, yellow or brown), mention it with your order and we'll accommodate the request if possible. Otherwise we'll pick one at random.

The shaving soap is a stick of Arko, legendary for its ease of lathering.

The blades will be Astra Superior Platinums. Blade preferences vary wildly, but if there's any consensus, it's that Astras are a good middle-of-the-road blade that works well for most people. Both razors come with a few blades as well.